Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Study!! STUDY!!! .....Holiday~~

I should be studying and see what I'm doing these few days.
Online, watch movie, drama, shopping.....
I'm not suppose to do all these things!!
Damn it!!
Everytime when the exam period reaches the only thing I'll do is to relax instead of worrying about the more important thing in front of me.
Everyone is like that.
At this time you can see a lot of people posting in Facebook...
"Where is my study mood??"
"The first paper is starting soon and I'm only thinking of holiday now..."

"Very hard to concentrate arrr...."
"I want my holiday...Dislike exam ><..."
Yes, I'm one of them.
And I'm thinking of Y-O-U now, it is worse.
I do hope I can pass everything, in higher grade.
Let's just hope for the best.

20110427    12.51AM

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