Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ye Olde Smokehouse

I wanna go to this place~!!!!!
Whenever I went to Cameron Highland
For sure I'll visit this place
Which is..............
Ta Da~!!!!

The Front View
Ye Olde Smokehouse~
It is located in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland.
This English Tudor style Hotel was built in 1939.
It was structured with 6 rooms mainly meant for homesick British expatriates who only return home in 8 years back in those days.
The Smokehouse Hotel now has 13 rooms which enabled the staffs to get to know you better.
It's indeed a very beautiful and special hotel~
Although I've never been into it~
But I'd took a lot of nice and beautiful pictures outside the hotel when I was small.
The pictures below are mainly from the website.
Let's check them out~!!!

The 3 pictures above are the private lounge area,
As for the bedroom........

So nice and comfy right~ >.<
Some more it has a fireplace in the room.....
Oh my God~ It's so tempting...
I'd wished to stay in a place with cold weather and a comfortable fireplace in front of me....
And Smokehouse Hotel is definitely the place I'm looking forward to stay~!!!

The view from the hotel lounge window is soooooooooooo NICE~!!!
The green outside the hotel...
The beautiful natural green...
Oh my God~ It's just like a fairyland for me~!!!

To have breakfast in these beautiful areas~
With all the beautiful plants and perhaps the lovely singing of the birds surrounding you~
Urghhh!!! I can't imagine how much I'm going to enjoy it~!!!
And the dining room is so beautiful~!!
Dark but with warm lights and candles to lit up the place...
It's just so NICE~
The lounge area is just so incredibly comfortable and relaxing as it seems...
There is free Wi-Fi provided for those who wants to go online and mingle on the computer...

There are also surprises to be discovered in the hotel.
A walk around the hotel will lead to many little nooks and crannies that are hidden away~
Just waiting to be found~!!
When you're free you can just sit in the public room and read your favourite book~
It's just my favourite free time activity~!!!
Oh my God~!!!
There is also a bar, a library, outside garden area......
Many small areas for an afternoon tea or just sit back and relax...
Let's just look at some nice pictures of the areas in the Smokehouse Hotel...
This is the comfy room.
Furniture and all. Guess what?? They're antiques~!!! 
Awwwww..Look at the toilet~ Beautiful isn't it?

And the garden area.......
With all the flowers and plants and antique chairs.......
Urghhh~!! It's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL~!!!!

Nice isn't it??
I definitely want to go this place to take picture for my Bridal album
(If got chance..)
And I definitely want to stay in this place even for one night also I won't mind
For this is such a beautiful and comfortable place just like how I'd dreamed of it~
Ye Olde Smokehouse..
Wait for me~!!!

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