Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Place Where I Wanna Visit The MOST - Provence

The place where I always dreamed of going~!!!
Lavender Field of Provence
A place where the legendary LAVENDER (One of my favourite!!!) field is located...
If there is one aroma associated with Provence..
It'll be Lavende ~

Lavender is one of my most favourite things in my list~!!
The first time when I saw the beautiful flower
Immediately I fell in love with it~!!
It is mainly because that~
First of all...
I like Purple
The colour mainly made me feel comfortable and romantic~
When I look at the picture of this beautiful plant~
I just can't help to LOVE it~!!!
It's just so comfy and nice to just look at it~
Some more...
The scent, the aroma of Lavender is just so sweet and calming and relaxing~
Everytime when I look into the pictures of the beautiful plant..
The feeling of calm and relaxation and perhaps cheer just run through my body and mind~!!
It's just SO mesmerizing~!!

When I know that there's a Lavender field in the South of France~
Excitement filled my mind..
Immediately I made up my mind~
That I would wanna visit this place at least for once in my life~!!!
To see the purple sea~
To experience the feeling of walking in the sea of my favourite plant~
The tickling feel of the plant when it wave in the breeze just below my knees~
The smell of the perfect relaxing aroma surrounding me in the middle of the field~
And to leave with the sweet scent on my body~

And one thing for sure~!!
I'll take A LOT of pictures of the place~!!!
Won't miss any part of it~!!!
As for the product made by the plant..
For sure I won't miss them too~!!
Honey, essential oils, perfume, soaps and dried flowers...
I'll get my hands on them~!!
Lavender Honey is said to help heal open wounds~
The essential oils promote calmness for sure~
Potpourri or Lavender sachets help masks odour~
France chefs actually sprinkle the herb in many dishes~
I've tried the essential oil and I really like the calming effect~
I would like it SO much to taste on the honey itself~!! ^^

Indeed France is a romantic country where there are many other places that are worth visiting..
Such as the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum, Mont-Saint-Michel etc............
But the place where I wanna visit the MOST~
Is a place where my MOST FAVOURITE plant is located~
The LAVENDER Field in the South of France~

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