Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going Off

Tomorrow, I mean later I'm going off to Jawi.
Bored bored bored.
Going to stay away from the internet for few days.
How am I going to survive??
I can't log in to Pet Society some more.
Oh my God...
My pet will starve, I can't earn money for it to buy things.
(Typical internet freak!!!)
Indeed I'll feel empty away from internet.
Because all these days I've stayed in front of my laptop all the time.
Have to calm my mind for these few days already.
Away from internet, away from facebook and do something else.
Don't know how much I can tahan pun.
I'm staying away from internet!!!
Hopefully won't become "Siao Zha Bo" after I come back. (Dah siao pun~~ Haha...)
Have no idea why I feel weird.
Feel just like I'm not ready to do something.
Alamak...Rasa tak sedap ni...
Everything will be fine, try to refresh yourself these few days will do.
I'm leaving internet tomorrow!!!
La la la la la la la...
No Facebook from 29th of Dec til 2nd of Jan.
20101229    12.53AM

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