Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21/12/2010...What A Day

Early in the morning I went back to my Alma mater-AMC for training.
Didn't play much but I'm happy to be able to see some of my juniors and heard a very funny story.
Hiak hiak hiak...
After training I was tired, but Mummy said she wanna bring us to the shopping center to hunt for new clothes.
Wow...It's been ages since the last time I had went out with Mummy, of course I wanna follow.
We went to The Store at first but there's nothing nice there.
Some more I saw one very normal short pants, the price on the price tag was RM80+.
I was like "What the......", I can get this at Pasar Malam with only RM5.
It was on discount, so after 70% discount, the price is RM20+.
Oh my...So so so so so so so FAKE !!
Since we can find nothing so we went to Ipoh Parade to continue hunting.
But instead of shopping we did something else, something better. Hehehe...

When we reach our destination I saw something, Ipoh General Hospital is organizing a health care activity there and blood donation is on.
I quickly pulled Mummy to check her body. Hahaha...
Then I was thinking, there's a sad news yesterday whereby a bus with a group of Thailand tourists involved in an accident, 27 people died and the rest injured badly.
Ipoh General Hospital was asking the public to donate blood for the victims because there are not enough blood in the blood bank.
Mummy wanna donate, I was having period so I'm thinking it's not possible for me to donate my blood now.
But after asking the nurse, she said it's OK for me to do so because I'm in my 5th day already, "Ok lah~~~", she said. XD
I was eager to help. Hiak hiak hiak...
So instead of shopping we're donating our blood - Mummy, me and my sister.
We called Daddy and he came too.
Suddenly it became a Family Blood Donation Day. XD
Daddy ^^
450cc of blood from him.
Mummy ^^
450cc also from Mummy.
My sister. She more kesian because she kena cucuk on both sides of her hands.
Still, she contributed 350cc of blood.
This is me la. Hahaha XD
Contributed 350cc also of my O blood group. =p

Hehehe..I found out something also today.
There are 4 members in my family - Daddy, Mummy, me and my sis.
All of us are having different blood group. Hahaha...
Daddy: A type
Mummy: B type
Me: O type
Sis: AB type
Geng leh...
So next time if need any type of blood group feel free to find us. XD
Headache already, so tired, gonna sleep earlier tonight already.
What a day~~~

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