Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday?? Work??

Finally I had finished my last paper for this semester~!!
I'm suppose to be enjoying my sem breaks.
Go eat eat and play play. And also Christmas + New Year SHOPPING!!
Hmmm......I don't really have the kind of holiday mood I'm supposed to have.
Instead, I'm worrying about the 2 kids.
One is the son of my friend, who had just developed autism due to the divorce of his parents.
He watched his parents fight, saw his mother leaving the house after the fight and now both his daddy and mummy are going to separate.
Poor child ~ He must have been so scare and depressed.
I wish I could do something to help him but sadly I'm not qualified yet.
All I can do is just some little talk, encouragements and motivations.
I'll have to convince the kid's grandparents to bring him to psychologist or counselor as he already had developmental problems.

The other boy is from Jawi, a place near Penang.
His parent's friend, who is a friend of my mother (=.=)...asked for my help.
This case is a bit special, whereby the boy played too much computer games.
It actually led to some delusions that the boy is having now, where he always tell people that someone is chasing after him and tried to hurt him.
He wants to find people to talk to but will got afraid when he met a crowd.
As I said, before I get my Bachelor I already started to handle cases.
This is something challenging to me but I'm willing to do it.
One reason is to gain experiences when meeting up with these problematic kids;
Another reason is that I wanted to help them a lot, seeing them suffer like this just make me feel so bad.
They're just kids, they still have a very long way to go in their future.
Now they're having this kind of problem, for sure the road ahead will have some blockages.
It's necessary for them to learn to remove these blockages, and I'm willing to help them.

Let's work on it!!

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