Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Christmas...What I Want For Christmas???

(It usually starts with this...)

Dear Santa:

I know I'd been a bad kid this year..(Still kid meh?)
I know I'd bullied a lot of people..(A lot meh?? One only ma. Hahaha...Know who la..)
But I still hope I can get a gift from you.
I love Christmas very much.
Although I'm not a Christian and I don't celebrate, technically.
But I love the Christmas culture where everyone send presents and wishes to each other.
And sing Christmas carol under the beautiful Christmas tree beside the warm fireplace.
That's just so nice. ^^
 (Hahaha...The main reason is because of the presents aje ma...)
I hope Santa can send me present this year.
I don't want gold.
Don't want something expensive.
Not something valuable in term of $$ either.
Just something....
Something I can treasure.
Can be a relationship, a miracle....(Relationship doesn't mean love only o...)
Maybe a special friend?? (Aiya..Already got one jor lo.. =D)
Please send me this gift dear Santa.
For I really do hope that I can receive presents during Christmas Day.
Something that I like.
Something special.
Thank you.

Sincerely from: 
Lam Hew Tong

20101222    11.03PM

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