Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Korean Drama

These few days I'd been watching a few Korean drama.
Found out that it has improved a lot.
Back in those days when Korean drama is first shown in Malaysia TV.
All the storyline of all the Korean dramas are more or less the same.
Whereby the male leading actor is in love with the female leading actress.
Then they cannot be together due to some reasons.
Sure will be one other girl who love the boy and bully the girl.
Then finally when both of them can be together for sure one of them will get Cancer.
And the female die of Cancer whereas the male die of accident.
More or less the same la.
Sure got one people get Cancer and one people die one.
Mostly sad ending.

But nowadays the storyline are different already.
There are drama which is funny and very interesting.
And the leading actors and actresses are getting younger and younger.
Also prettier and more handsome.
Attracted a lot of teenagers, especially girls.
No matter how it's good to have shows that bring out meanings.
I mean positive meanings that can actually give motivation and also inspiration.
The only problem is...
Teenagers won't find out that kind of meanings one.
The only thing they can see is the LOVE issue.
Sad lo...
Anyway, HWAITING~!!!
The most recent drama that I'd watched. MiNam a~~~
 20101229    12.36AM

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