Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Back!! I'm Back!!

It's something that have been missing for a long time.
Something which I'd never felt and experienced for a long long time.
This December is really full of fun and excitement!
Right at the beginning I was told that we're going to KL for the Masiwa game for Netball.
I felt so excited to have the opportunity to play and was looking forward to it do dearly.
After this game I met a lot of people and made new friends.
One of them is Ady. (Ady Tan, your name appear again leh. Hahaha...Don't cry because of touch o..Ngiak ngiak...)
She said she'll be coming to Ipoh and again I felt excited. Hahaha...
Because all of us can hang out again and get crazy and laugh out loud together.
Well, it's exam week and I'm supposed to study.
But I have no study mood at all. Hahaha...
Joy and excitement attack!! Aarrrggghhhh....
So happy. Hehehe...
As I said, back to Netball is the only thing that can really boost my happiness.
All the feelings that had been filling me up now is something I'd experienced long long time ago.
And I'd been missing them a lot, especially the smile on my face. Hehe...
Thanks everyone for making up my day and helped me find my smile back.
Thanks for the opportunities also. =D
I'M SO DAMN HAPPY!!! Hahahahaha....
Smile like it everyday =D

20101217    2.37PM

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