Thursday, December 9, 2010

Masiswa 2010 (Day 2)

This is the girl I meant. Look at her hair~ ^0^
It's Saturday (4/12/2010) ~!!! First day of the game. Woo Hoo~!!!
Woke up quite early in the morning, about 5 something.
Well, it's mainly because of the cold temperature rather than the excitement and nervousness.
We left the house around 7.30am, bought our breakfasts and headed to our destination - MMU.
There are many people at the place, all from different universities.
The most special group of people that we noticed once we got there are Nottingham's player.
There is a black girl with beaded hair, we're "WOW!!" when we saw that girl.
Hahaha...Because of her hair of course.

We went into the hall where the Netball game is held there.
Oh my God~!!
There were already many players gathered in the hall and guess what...
I met with my ex-teammate - Cheang Lai Ann.
But this time we're not playing together, we're actually competing with each other.
Lai Ann was representing UNITEN, which was the first team we're going to compete with.
I was damn  nervous, part of it was because this is the first official competition for me as I said before;
And another part of it was because I'm afraid that I don't have enough stamina.
Playing as a center (C) needs a fit body and honestly I don't have one. Hehehe...

The game started straight at 9am.
It's a tough game because UNITEN was the champion for the previous competition and the players are fit.
As I'm lack of stamina (a loud laugh for myself), I kept gasping or air whenever there is a transition.
We won the game at last and the first thing I said to my teammate was "I'm still alive!!"
We won the second game after that also.
I don't quite remember which uni we're competing with already.
If not mistaken it's MSU.
Overall, I didn't play well because there were many mistakes and I'm not fit.

We went to support the Volleyball team after that and we went for lunch.
I was so hungry after the 2 games, my stomach kept growling.
It's not that hard to find vegetarian food in KL also because anywhere I went there will be vegetarian food around.
Haha...So convenient.
We were eating with the UTAR staff  who asked us to play for them - Ms. Au.
She's so funny and nice as she told us the stories of the chaos in the day before.
The five of us from Kampar were almost blacklisted by the officer from KL.
Hahaha...Well, we don't care as we won't lose anything, only the school will lose a medal and their name that's it.

After lunch we went back to the hall to watch the other game, as well as to study the strategies of the team that we're going to compete with the next day.
Team from SEGI college was good.
They played professionally and I was getting more and more nervous for the game next day as I watched them play.
We discussed about the game for the next day and found out that we might play against SEGI during semi-final.
The year before, Siong Chi sprained her ankle badly while competing with SEGI and she's kind of like wanna take revenge.
Hahaha...Well, I can say that it's going to be a tough game, we should play semi like it's final.
Me, Siong Chi and Suo Kuen (The Great Coach). XD

Here we are ^^

We went home after that and bathed.
It's still early for dinner so we played a few games before we went out to hunt for food.
This is SO FUN~!!!
We played a game that the Netballers from AMC used to play back in those days.
The game was "AiYa Bomba"~
Adeline was sitting in between me and Siong Chi, both of us slapped hard on her thigh. Hahaha...
Of course Siong Chi's thigh also slapped by her until black green. Hahaha...Because she slapped her with ring on her finger.
After "AiYa Bomba" we played "Kam Min Toi".
It's just SO fun that we kept screaming and laughing.
Ady's mother was like "Are you guys OK? What happened?" Haha...We scared her.
The 3 crazy people XD

Lan fan zhu.
Aiya, she found out already =p
Slapped by Siong Chi ^0^
By ME~~ ^0^

Poor Siong Chi =D

After the gaming time we went to hunt for food.
Bought our breakfast at Subang Parade and we headed to the hawker stall for dinner.
Everyone was so tired and we hardly even talk.
However, by the time we went home and start to play again (cause Siong Chi said cannot sleep before it's 10), we're wide awake~!!
Haha..We played "Cho Dai D".
I was the only one who doesn't know how to play the game and I kena bullied and teased a lot.
But it was fun ^0^ and I love to play with them, scream and laugh like a kid.
I recorded Ady's expression when she was playing with Kit Yin's IPhone. Hahaha...
It was funny~!!!
We're off to bed at 10 something. Everyone was tired and we fell asleep very soon after that.
Nervous and excited for the next day ~~

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