Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Masiswa 2010 (Day 1)

Last Friday (3/12/2010) was the day I'm going to KL for the 2010 Masiswa Netball Competition.
I was so excited about this game that I started to pack my things few days before Friday.
Hahaha...I don't wanna miss anything and cause inconvenience for myself.
When it got closer to 12pm, I was getting more and more excited and at the same time nervous.
This can be called as my first official competition after all the years I've been involving in this game.
I love this game and I'm very into it.
Bad news for the day when I got to my senior's house, where we should wait there for our transport.
Something went wrong as the officer from Kampar campus knew that we're going to play for KL campus.
They are not suppose to know because we shouldn't have play for the different zone.
So we're known as "Illegal Player" and no one are suppose to know that we're playing as players from UTAR KL campus (except for the players and the officers who asked us to go itself).
Due to confusion of the staff, the officer found out that we're going to play for them.
And then, there was a great chaos.

I was so worried that they won't allow us to go there and play as I'm very exciting and eager to play this game.
There and then, things were settled and we're safely in the car. Thank God ~!!!
Still, we're worried that they might give the driver a call and we have to make an U-turn.
Finally we reached Sungai Long safely. I mean without any call that ask us to turn back. Hahaha...
Got into Adeline's car ( a new friend ^^ ) and we're heading to UM for training.
It's the first time we met with the other players from PJ campus - Jane and Joan.
And it's our first and only team training before the competition, I think we're doing quite well ^^
That's it, let's get ready for the game~!!!

We drove to eat after the training and Adeline was SO excited to find out that I'm a vegetarian.
Hahaha...It's just so funny the way she looked at me like I'm a rare animal on Earth. Hahahaha XD
After dinner we went home, Adeline's home =p
It's still early after we bathed, it was just 9 something and it's impossible to sleep at such early time.
So we told cold jokes, ghost stories and gossips. Hahaha....
It's nice talking to Adeline as she's just as crazy as us =p
We chat until 11 something in the night and finally we're off to dreamland.
However, hahaha...
We kept waking and falling back to sleep because of the temperature.

It's so cold in Adeline's room and we cannot find the remote control to actually turn off the air-cond.
Hahaha...I had the blanket covered my whole body.
The next day is the game. Woo Hoo~!!! SO excited... o(=^0^=)o

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