Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Second Day Of Christmas

Wake up in the morning feeling like......
Erhem...Not P. Diddy.
Is like I'm living in Europe country where winter is on in this season.
So cooling ^^

"On the second day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Two Turtle Doves..."

It's Boxing Day ^^♥
Have you ever watch the movie "Home Alone"?
As I remember in "Home Alone II"
The owner of the toy shop gave the boy two turtle doves ornament as a gift
He told the boy that he need to keep one dove
And give the other one to a very special person that he wanted to remember
As long as both of them has their Turtle Doves
They will be friends forever.
The Turtle Doves ornament in Home Alone II.

Well, if you did watch this movie for sure you will remember.
Turtle Doves are a symbol of friendship and love.
In real life, these doves stay with their partners for a lifetime.
That's why in this morning when I wake up.
I kept a Turtle Dove with me and sent off one.
To a special friend that I'd met.
I hope she will always be fine and happy.
May God bless her and all the luck will follow her wherever she goes.
Friends Forever my Dear Friend.
All the best to you. ♥
Friends Forever ♥
P/S: Keep the Dove with you o...Keep it well ^^

20101226    5.26PM

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