Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alamak...Bad Mood..

My phone was dead..
Me and all my phones really boh yuan one..
First 2 phones kena curi..
Then the next one spoiled because of the bad guy..
The next one lagi kena curi.. (>.<)
Now this one dead because of no reason...
Daddy work not easy..
CNY is near, everything need $$$..
Some more I can't afford another phone again for myself..
PTPTN I hope I can save it so that I can return the money more easily..
Gik sei ngo la!!!
So wish that Santa is real so that I can get a brand new phone on Christmas..
So wish that I had a Doraemon so that my phone can be fixed by using just a cloth..
So wish that I had a lamp so that I can rub on it and Genie can come out and grand me a wish...
Bad mood bad mood!!!
What to do???? Uuurrrgggghhhhh.....

20101223    8.38PM

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