Saturday, January 29, 2011

At Last..The Final Answer...

Ya, that's my decision!
Since there are so many problems then I'll just quit.
Not that because I can't take the criticism or the blame.
It's because I'm tired to have to handle so many things and I really can't take it!
And also it's not that I'm not responsible, if you're in my situation you'll know how HECTIC my life is RIGHT NOW!!
I don't want to explain anything because I am wrong in some ways that I didn't pay enough attention on this and I didn't ask about the progress.
But the other blames that shouldn't be blamed on me......well, I'm not going to say anything.
Because you've already had the judgement on me and you'd expected me to do things the way you wanted me to do or to response in the way you think I'll response.
I can't do anything because I'm definitely not going to behave like what you think I'll behave!!
You see or not??
As a Psychology student, we all knew that we shouldn't expect people to say or do things the way you wanted them to be.
We all knew that expectations are not going to work.
And we all expect things to happen so much that cause things to be like this.
Not only it hurts others but at the same time, don't you feel guilty??
Without even understanding the situation, without even get a clear view of the statement, you expect it as the way YOU interpreted it!
Can't you even ask what's the real deal???
Ok..Period! I'm glad I'm over with it now!
I just want to say that I'm happy with my own decision and I'm sure that it's the best thing for me.
Don't feel bad for me (For those who did only ok..)
I'm the kind of people who'll accept and keep quiet!
I won't go and cari pasal and make people feel guilty.
That's it!
For you guys, good luck!
Any problem PLEASE tell!! Don't wait until time like this only start to argue.
If you tell early then only people are able to change early!
Not wait until time like this.
Don't ever put it in your heart and never tell.
It's either you do it willingly or tell frankly!!
If you EXPECT people to do things the way you think they need to do and they're not doing it according to your way, TELL!!!
Good luck and enjoy!

I won't expect much~ I'll just control~

20110129    1.14AM

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