Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year

Bye bye 2010.
Hello 2011 !!!
It's a brand new year and we should have a brand new start.
How to start a new year??
Flashing back to all the things that I'd done in 2010.
What had I done wrong??
What are the things that I'd promised but in the end nothing was done??
What are the objectives that I's set in the beginning of 2010 but was not fulfilled at the end of 2010??
Have been asking myself all these questions.
So that I can make improvements in this new year.
I've found out something important.
Yes, at the beginning of the year I'd made promises.
Promises that I wanna follow, that I wanna fulfill.
But after the peak period I'll start to forget all about that.
I'll become what I was like before that.
No difference, living a meaningless life.
Every year also like this, so bad right.
Disappointed with myself.

So in year 2011 it's very important for me to make decision.
I mean persistent ones.
I don't want to regret at the end of this year again.
I wanna feel successful, the joy of successfully done something for a long period of time.
Something meaningful, something that brings joy and laughter to others.
Something unselfish...
What I wanna do this year?
What I wanna fulfill?
I didn't think that much but I had made up my mind for this one little thing.
Which is...
Say one good word to at least one person a day!
Doesn't matter whether he/she is my family member, my friend, a kid, an old lady, a peer, a stranger or even animals.
As long as I said good words to them will do.
I hope I can be persistent in this, because I hope that the particular person can receive my positive message on that particular day.
And I hope he/she/it can be happy the whole day.
I SURE can do it one!! Hahaha...
Happy New Year!!!
New Year..New Start..New Hope...
20110104    2.26AM

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