Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Been tired reading my emo posts
This is something nice I think
DIGI has its bright idea actually about its Yellow Man
The Yellow Men are so adorable and at the same time funny
I was cheered when I watched this video
So here it goes...
Happy Chinese New Year to all my beloved family and friends
Especially those whom I treasure a lot
And those who helped me in different ways
Physically and emotionally
I'm glad to be me and I'm indeed glad to know all of you
Although I'd not been happy these few weeks but still I still wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Chinese New Year
At the same time also I hope everything about me will change after Chinese New Year
Hey, I'm the head of the Snake right
Since it's my birthday every year on the FIRST DAY OF CNY itself
Everything should goes well with me
Because I'm supposed to be blessed on that day

Happy Chinese New Year once again
Have a blessed and prosperous Rabbit year ahead~~

20110127    1.32AM

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