Monday, January 10, 2011

Happiness Brought By Little Angels

Happiness is the one thing
Whereby when you brings happiness to others
You'll bring it to yourself as well

Today, technically it's yesterday, when I go on stage and act as a naughty, playful kid
I'm happy to see all the kids down there laughing
Some can see teeth cannot see eyes
Some when they laugh you can see few teeth lost
All of them are like little Angels
Talking to them is another fun thing
Because they're just so naive that they will say anything that surprises you

I asked a little girl in my group today
"Tell me what have you learned in this class throughout the whole year?"
"Be a filial kid."
"Oh, how are you going to be a filial kid?"
"I helped my Daddy massage his leg when he get back from work." (1st surprise)
"Wuuahhh...You know how to do leg massage ar??"
"Very easy only. I use the stick to poke his foot lo." (2nd surprise)
I was laughing so hard when I heard her answer.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute right??

There is also one kid
He punched my shoulder with his little fists
So happy because he thought I'll feel pain
In fact it's kind of comfortable
So I lied to him that I feel very pain lo~~
And then he was like, when I pointed to him where I'll feel pain when he punch it
He punched that particular spot where I pointed
So I was like enjoying the "free massage" and kept pointing at different spots I wanted him to punch
And he was enjoying punching me and causing me "pain"

Well, when the class end every kid was like
They really see me as the little God kid already
Nice kids, cute kids
They're really Angels that brighten up my day
I Love them

This is the girl I mentioned ^^

20110110    1.38AM

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