Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Miss My Cat

Where are you???
Oh..I miss my cat sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
I remembered the day Mummy brought it back from Menglembu market.
It was so tiny and so adorable.
Me and my sis just love it so much that when Mummy said wanna give it away,
We kinda like yell to her.
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo...Let's just keep it!! Please...please...PLEASE...."
Alas she agreed though.
And she determined to name it Miaomee.
It was so small and young, that it just kept sleeping all the time.
So so so so so so so so so so so ADORABLE!!!
It can even fall asleep when it was standing.
Oh my GOD!! I miss it SO MUCH!!

Well, it just got missing one day.
No idea where it went.
Maybe someone just catch it and made it their pet.
(Coz we didn't give it a tag, Mummy said it's not necessary... >.<)
Hopefully the new master can treat it well.
One thing I'm worried is that it'll get knocked down by cars.
Hopefully that's not what that happened.
Touch wood!! Touch wood!!

This is it. Adorable right?? So tiny so small when it first got here.
As I said, it just kept sleeping all the time.
Many poses when it sleeps you know. Hahaha.. This is the first shot. It smiles ^^
Second shot. Hehe.. "Don't take my picture~~"
Third shot. "My ear itchy here..." Hehehe...

See what I mean. Haha.. It was drowsing.. Rocking back and forth.
He knows we're laughing at him. ^0^
It got bright blue eyes, like Sapphire. I LOVE THOSE EYES!! So innocent~~
Sometimes I just played with him while he's sleeping. Hahaha.. This one I named it "My DEER" (My Dear). Hehehe...
Spokeperson for Impulse. Hehehe...
Hehehe.. Cute right??
It was growing and there were still poses while it was sleeping. This is Kung Fu style. Hai-Yak!!!
"Oooooppppssss..Sumimasen~~" Hahaha...
Look at this big baby. It always bite. Hehehe...
Still LOVE those eyes. Do my finger taste that good???
Still biting. Really taste that good???
Satisfy already?? Haha..Look like 招财猫...

Awwww....Look at you~~ Alright, I forgive you...^^
It's growing bigger and bigger and it's still so ADORABLE~~ LOVE those eyes!! Seriously~~
Awwwwwww...You little Darling~~
Look at you. Like it when you sleep on my lap~~
You know how to pose yourself huh. ^^
^^ I Love You Darling ^^
Hahaha..Look at the ugly lazy little fella~~
Lazy pose II
Ugly pose III
This is the last picture I can take for you.
My Little Darling.
No matter where you are right now.
I hope you do live well and happy.
I Miss You SO MUCH!!

20110112    2.30AM

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