Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sweet Sign

Yesterday morning technically
I went for breakfast with the Jizzy Gang
I ordered hot Milo and I actually receive a very good and sweet sign
Guess what????
There was a love shape Milo powder in my Milo
I take it as a good sign
Meaning to say that I'm going to get many many loves from everyone this year
And it's Chinese New Year soon
This "Milo powder love shape" had given me a very sweet hope in the Rabbit year
I truly hope for the BEST to come ~~

See the little Love in my Milo ^^

Some funny thing here
When I was paying for my drink I accidentally dropped the 20cents coin in Tommy's Kopi Ais
Since I'm getting Love this year 
He'll be getting wealth
So good right?
Both of us got lucky signs...^^v
Wish you all will get your lucky sign for the new year ~~ 

20110120    12.45AM 

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