Friday, January 7, 2011

McFlurry McDonalds

Suddenly craving for McDonald's McFlurry.
My most favourite ice-cream of all.
Peoplas was talking about Haagen-Dazs, Baskin Robbins...
Well, I just found myself addicted to McD Ice-cream.
Nothing else is as tasty as it is.
Once upon a time, Sundae Cone was the first thing that I tried in McD.
And that is the first time I found out that Ice-cream can be so tasty!
Years later I had this McFlurry.
McFlurry Oreo was the first flavour I tried.
Simply LOVE McDonalds' Ice-cream!!
Last time I used to buy Sundae cone, you know the Twister...
Where there are two flavours - Vanilla and Chocolate twisted together.
That was nice!!
I'm glad that they put this up again coz it had been lost for a period of time already.

Let's look at all the different flavours!! ♥♥♥♥♥
First of all..
McFlurry Oreo!!
Love the Oreo chips inside the yummy Ice-cream!!
Simply the best of all !! That's why it has been there all these while...

McFlurry M&M!!!
Woo Hoo!!
My favourite Chocolate beans!!
I'd tried this before..Veeerrrrryyyy SWEET!!!
The colour of the Choco beans will went off and the Ice-cream will become very colourful!! =D
McFlurry Cornetto!!
The most favourable Ice-cream in McFlurry??
Everyone is going to love it !! ^^v
2 flavours - Choco and Berry..And it has another type which is Sundae ^^
Look at that..Isn't that sooooooooooo tempting???? (Saliva dropping......)
McFlurry Milo!!!
Oh My...Malaysian most favourite beverage comes with McFlurry!!!
Yum yum!!
You can actually add more Milo powder yourself.. =D
Only in Malaysia ^^
So YUMMY!! ^0^
During Raya time...
McFlurry Lime!!
Taste exactly like the Lime flavour popsicle..
Cool huh...
And there are many more...
All different from all around the world.
I would like to try all of them if possible.
Sure will get fat Fat FAT!!!
Thanks to Shrek!! ^0^

Bluberry Oreo..Hmm..I wonder how it taste like??

I would LOVE to try this!!!

Chips Ahoy!!!

Cadbury!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.........(Saliva dropping AGAIN~~)

Green Tea Oreo..WOW...I wonder...

OHHHH!! Kit Kat...Let's have a break shall we?? ^0^

Though I have no idea what is this but yet it looks mesmerizing.

Cadbury again??!!! Oh Dear...Save me ~~~~

Magnum!! Another nice flavour!! ^^

Not in Malaysia...Awwwwwwwwww...Why not??? T.T

Snickers!!! Did it appear before in Malaysia's McDonald???

Yum yum!! I want it~~~~
Ba la ba ba ba...I'm Loving McD Ice-cream ^^
Woo Hoo!!!

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