Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, it's about yesterday.
I finished my class at 1pm and I'm like went around all the places in Kampar New Town.
My first stop is DSA, whereby we need to send in our proposal once again to Ms. Alice.
After that I went to buy my book at the bookshop, which cost me RM80++.
They said the price is already the cheapest compared to the bookstores outside but still it's expensive for me.
But what to do, I need to study ~ >.<
After that I cycled under the SUPER hot sun and went home to take my sponsorship letter.
It's SO DAMN HOT like Hell!!!
Luckily I put sunblock before that but still my skin was like burning!!
We cycled all the way to New Town for our lunch, I was super hungry that time.
My stomach was like "gooo-loooook,".
So we went to a new shop to take our lunch and then we went for our sponsor hunt.
People are very smart but at the same time very STUPID!
Some of them told us our other committees went to look for them to sponsor already but we know they didn't.
Come on, you really think we're stupid enough to believe you is it...Sigh...
Yet there were few shops who were willing to give us some support and we just gave them the letter.
Will be confirm with them next week.
The sponsorship hunt continued until 5 something in the evening and we're like so tired.
We went back home after that and I was thinking to go for a jog at the garden there but I just simply can't leave my bed.
Ended up I slept until 9something, awake only when Ady called me.
Had some food then continue to sleep again.
What a tired day!!!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED!!!
20110122 8.08AM

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