Saturday, January 29, 2011

At Last..The Final Answer...

Ya, that's my decision!
Since there are so many problems then I'll just quit.
Not that because I can't take the criticism or the blame.
It's because I'm tired to have to handle so many things and I really can't take it!
And also it's not that I'm not responsible, if you're in my situation you'll know how HECTIC my life is RIGHT NOW!!
I don't want to explain anything because I am wrong in some ways that I didn't pay enough attention on this and I didn't ask about the progress.
But the other blames that shouldn't be blamed on me......well, I'm not going to say anything.
Because you've already had the judgement on me and you'd expected me to do things the way you wanted me to do or to response in the way you think I'll response.
I can't do anything because I'm definitely not going to behave like what you think I'll behave!!
You see or not??
As a Psychology student, we all knew that we shouldn't expect people to say or do things the way you wanted them to be.
We all knew that expectations are not going to work.
And we all expect things to happen so much that cause things to be like this.
Not only it hurts others but at the same time, don't you feel guilty??
Without even understanding the situation, without even get a clear view of the statement, you expect it as the way YOU interpreted it!
Can't you even ask what's the real deal???
Ok..Period! I'm glad I'm over with it now!
I just want to say that I'm happy with my own decision and I'm sure that it's the best thing for me.
Don't feel bad for me (For those who did only ok..)
I'm the kind of people who'll accept and keep quiet!
I won't go and cari pasal and make people feel guilty.
That's it!
For you guys, good luck!
Any problem PLEASE tell!! Don't wait until time like this only start to argue.
If you tell early then only people are able to change early!
Not wait until time like this.
Don't ever put it in your heart and never tell.
It's either you do it willingly or tell frankly!!
If you EXPECT people to do things the way you think they need to do and they're not doing it according to your way, TELL!!!
Good luck and enjoy!

I won't expect much~ I'll just control~

20110129    1.14AM

Thursday, January 27, 2011

So Sick Of It !!

I really hate all these things.
I'm not a firm person and totally not someone who's really tough that would scold people.
Even if they did wrongly also I'll just talk to them or don't say anything if I don't like it!
But now I have to make a decision whether to sack a person or not.
This is very hard for me because I really hate stuff like this~!!!
It's been so long since the last time I'm the EXCO for something that I have to make this kind of tough decision.
I hate this you know.
As I'm the one who won't be tough and firm in handling this.
As a matter of fact I'll jaga people's feeling.
Maybe this is not something good about a leader because leaders have to make decision and have to be firm on it.
I know this 'theory' for a long time already.
But this is just so not me!
And I'm sick of it because all these shits were kind of discouraging to me and also to everyone!
I don't like this!
I don't like it at all!!
It sucks!!!

20110127    7.57PM

Happy Chinese New Year

Been tired reading my emo posts
This is something nice I think
DIGI has its bright idea actually about its Yellow Man
The Yellow Men are so adorable and at the same time funny
I was cheered when I watched this video
So here it goes...
Happy Chinese New Year to all my beloved family and friends
Especially those whom I treasure a lot
And those who helped me in different ways
Physically and emotionally
I'm glad to be me and I'm indeed glad to know all of you
Although I'd not been happy these few weeks but still I still wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Chinese New Year
At the same time also I hope everything about me will change after Chinese New Year
Hey, I'm the head of the Snake right
Since it's my birthday every year on the FIRST DAY OF CNY itself
Everything should goes well with me
Because I'm supposed to be blessed on that day

Happy Chinese New Year once again
Have a blessed and prosperous Rabbit year ahead~~

20110127    1.32AM

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Damn Tired!

I can't believe I slept for whole day.
This morning when I woke up I felt awful.
And yea, I vomited twice and I'm totally strength-less.
I guess it's because of the gas in my stomach that cause the awfulness and also the vomit.
Because after vomit out some disgusting liquid it's just gas.
I didn't bring along my medicine, serves me right!
Ended up I ponteng class for the whole day and actually slept for the whole day.
Now I still feel weak.
Like I've got no energy to do anything.
Oh Gosh~

20110126    6.48PM

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm very tired, very stressed, very DEPRESSED!!!

CNY is coming and it's just around the corner
I don't feel any happier at all
In fact I'm crying in my room so hard right now
That this didn't happen for a long while after I broke up with him and got better in Depression
It's attacking now again
I just feel so down and helpless and stressed and depressed
It's CNY..I don't wanna scold anyone and spoil their new year mood
I chose to spoil my own!!
So tired and restless
So afraid of the sound when Facebook messages are popping up
I'm not motivated at all to do anything
I'm very unhappy
Unhappy CNY~
Unhappy Birthday~

20110125    10.11PM

Monday, January 24, 2011



20110124    1.12AM

Sunday, January 23, 2011


明明就有一个 Assistant 却还要帮他收拾残局,忍!
身为 Chairman 却还要亲自跑遍大街小巷找赞助商,忍!
一个什么都不知道的人,你什么都不懂,还要讲是我的错!我 beh tahan 了!!!!!


20110123    11.19PM

My Funny Daddy

I'm home!!!
Yeah yeah YEAH!!!
Hahaha...So happppeeeee ~ ~
I was like showing my Dad and Mum my Japanese notes.
Mummy was asking whether I really can talk in Japanese or not.
So she was testing me like "If I ask you whether you know how to speak Japanese or not how do you response?"
The face very funny.
Then suddenly my Dad said: "Actually I also know how to speak a few words in Japanese one."
Me: "Is it?"
My Dad replied: "................Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki....."
Never expect he'll said that you know.
Oh My God!!!
Damn funny!!!
When I shared this to facebook guess how many likes I got???
Above 20!!!
Unexpected also...
Laugh until stomach cramp.
Tears also come out!
You're so funny Daddy!!!

20110123    12.15AM

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, it's about yesterday.
I finished my class at 1pm and I'm like went around all the places in Kampar New Town.
My first stop is DSA, whereby we need to send in our proposal once again to Ms. Alice.
After that I went to buy my book at the bookshop, which cost me RM80++.
They said the price is already the cheapest compared to the bookstores outside but still it's expensive for me.
But what to do, I need to study ~ >.<
After that I cycled under the SUPER hot sun and went home to take my sponsorship letter.
It's SO DAMN HOT like Hell!!!
Luckily I put sunblock before that but still my skin was like burning!!
We cycled all the way to New Town for our lunch, I was super hungry that time.
My stomach was like "gooo-loooook,".
So we went to a new shop to take our lunch and then we went for our sponsor hunt.
People are very smart but at the same time very STUPID!
Some of them told us our other committees went to look for them to sponsor already but we know they didn't.
Come on, you really think we're stupid enough to believe you is it...Sigh...
Yet there were few shops who were willing to give us some support and we just gave them the letter.
Will be confirm with them next week.
The sponsorship hunt continued until 5 something in the evening and we're like so tired.
We went back home after that and I was thinking to go for a jog at the garden there but I just simply can't leave my bed.
Ended up I slept until 9something, awake only when Ady called me.
Had some food then continue to sleep again.
What a tired day!!!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED!!!
20110122 8.08AM

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Jog At Westlake Garden

I went for a jog at the Westlake garden just now
If you ask me to take part in a game and play as C
I'll die suffocating
My stamina is so poor that I can only jog for 3 rounds
So so so so poor...
Gonna start jogging every evening to train up my stamina already
So that I can be fit!!
Not fat!!

20110120    8.21PM

A Sweet Sign

Yesterday morning technically
I went for breakfast with the Jizzy Gang
I ordered hot Milo and I actually receive a very good and sweet sign
Guess what????
There was a love shape Milo powder in my Milo
I take it as a good sign
Meaning to say that I'm going to get many many loves from everyone this year
And it's Chinese New Year soon
This "Milo powder love shape" had given me a very sweet hope in the Rabbit year
I truly hope for the BEST to come ~~

See the little Love in my Milo ^^

Some funny thing here
When I was paying for my drink I accidentally dropped the 20cents coin in Tommy's Kopi Ais
Since I'm getting Love this year 
He'll be getting wealth
So good right?
Both of us got lucky signs...^^v
Wish you all will get your lucky sign for the new year ~~ 

20110120    12.45AM 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Sick

For the first time
I feel home sick without any reason here in Kampar
Previously for once I miss home because something happened that made me very sad
But this time
I'm just home sick
Miss my Daddy so much
And my Mummy
And Ah Yuen...
Miss them so much
I wanna go home!!
I miss Ipoh!!
I miss home!!
My home sweet home ~~~

20110118    5.26PM

My Life

Starting this semester I'm going to be.....
Totally BU-SY!!
My classes are from Monday until Saturday non-stop.
And I have to travel all the way back to Ipoh after class on Monday.
I mean EVERY Monday.
On Tuesday I have to wake early to travel back to Kampar.
Because the first class that day was at 8am.

Yes, this life of mine is very meaningful.
Because I get to learn many things in Counselling that is going to benefit me a lot!
And I get to help the kids also, to educate them.
Kids and also teenagers.
But what I dislike is that this life is very hectic.
Very restless!
Very tiring!
And I'm not feeling good to see my Mum travel with me every week.
My heart feels uncomfortable to see her being tired because of me.
I mean I'm going to turn 22 and I still let my Mum suffer like this.
If only she could just let me drive...
I wish I could have my own car.
Doesn't matter if it's a small and cheap one.
As long as I can live through this hectic life WITHOUT causing inconvenience to other people.

I like my life because it's meaningful.
But I don't like it because it's HECTIC!!

20110118    12.24AM

Monday, January 17, 2011


I didn't even look at your stupid face!!!
Didn't even tried to think of you!!!
I don't care I don't care!!!

20100117    12.54AM

Saturday, January 15, 2011


No mood at all....
Just by thinking of school reopening already make me feel down...
Just by thinking of tomorrow that I might meet him already make me feel........
Damn it!!!

20110115    10.39PM

I Don't Wanna Go Back To Hell

School's gonna start on Monday
Oh my GOD!!!
I don't wanna go back to the damn place!!
I don't like Kampar at all.
That's the place where I experienced all the sad things.
I don't like the people there.
The so called educated, third grade students~~
Hate the gossips and scandals there!!
It's like everyone has no feelings and dignity.
Hate the stupid weather.
Damn hot everyday, like Hell!!
Hate the stupid people who claimed themselves as genius.
Perhaps you're a genius but you're definitely NOT a gentleman, or should I say you're NOT A MAN!!
Hate the stupid internet line in my hostel.
So damn slow making everyone suffer when doing assignments.
Hate everything in Kampar~~

20110115    9.28PM

Korean Fever

I'd been so into Korean dramas lately.
And I like this actor named Jang Geun Seuk.
Not only that he is good in acting.
He's also damn good in music and singing.
He's handsome too.
What I like about him the most is his talent in the entertainment world.
He's good in it and I'm sure he has a bright future.
Geun Seuk Oba~ Hwaiting!!
Oba~~ Saranghaeyo ^^

^^ The song in my playlist was sung by him ^^
20110115 12.38AM

Friday, January 14, 2011

♥ Happy Birthday My Beloved Daddy ♥

Dear Daddy

Happy Birthday to you ♥♥♥♥♥
You're turning 59 today
I'm happy for it but at the same time feeling sad
Happy because you're still here with me
And sad because I don't know how much time you still have to be here with me
Thanks for being the BEST daddy in the world
You're funny, caring, lovable, hardworking and humble
Wherever I went people always told me
"Your Dad love you so much, you're lucky to have such a wonderful Dad."
Indeed I have the most wonderful Dad in the world
The greatest of them all
I Love You Daddy
Thanks for everything you'd done for me
And sorry for every single wrong deed I'd done that hurt you

Hew Tong

Happy Birthday Daddy

Love you so MUCH !!
20110114    6.30PM

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sad Again

After so long why you'll still affects my mood???
Damn it!!!
I don't like you to contact my family and I don't want my family to have anything to do with you!!!!
Yes, maybe I'm selfish but that doesn't make me feel good!!!!
That'll just make me think of you more!!!!!
And it HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still hurts after all this time!!!!!!

20110113    1.23PM

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oh My God!!
Why everybody also so rich one??
How come how come??
I don't understand.
Wherever I go there are sure people playing with their IPhones.
Even my friends wanted it.
I'm a technology idiot really.
Have no idea why it's so attractive.

It did look nice anyway~ Coz it's white ^0^

20110112    7.52PM

I Miss My Cat

Where are you???
Oh..I miss my cat sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
I remembered the day Mummy brought it back from Menglembu market.
It was so tiny and so adorable.
Me and my sis just love it so much that when Mummy said wanna give it away,
We kinda like yell to her.
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo...Let's just keep it!! Please...please...PLEASE...."
Alas she agreed though.
And she determined to name it Miaomee.
It was so small and young, that it just kept sleeping all the time.
So so so so so so so so so so so ADORABLE!!!
It can even fall asleep when it was standing.
Oh my GOD!! I miss it SO MUCH!!

Well, it just got missing one day.
No idea where it went.
Maybe someone just catch it and made it their pet.
(Coz we didn't give it a tag, Mummy said it's not necessary... >.<)
Hopefully the new master can treat it well.
One thing I'm worried is that it'll get knocked down by cars.
Hopefully that's not what that happened.
Touch wood!! Touch wood!!

This is it. Adorable right?? So tiny so small when it first got here.
As I said, it just kept sleeping all the time.
Many poses when it sleeps you know. Hahaha.. This is the first shot. It smiles ^^
Second shot. Hehe.. "Don't take my picture~~"
Third shot. "My ear itchy here..." Hehehe...

See what I mean. Haha.. It was drowsing.. Rocking back and forth.
He knows we're laughing at him. ^0^
It got bright blue eyes, like Sapphire. I LOVE THOSE EYES!! So innocent~~
Sometimes I just played with him while he's sleeping. Hahaha.. This one I named it "My DEER" (My Dear). Hehehe...
Spokeperson for Impulse. Hehehe...
Hehehe.. Cute right??
It was growing and there were still poses while it was sleeping. This is Kung Fu style. Hai-Yak!!!
"Oooooppppssss..Sumimasen~~" Hahaha...
Look at this big baby. It always bite. Hehehe...
Still LOVE those eyes. Do my finger taste that good???
Still biting. Really taste that good???
Satisfy already?? Haha..Look like 招财猫...

Awwww....Look at you~~ Alright, I forgive you...^^
It's growing bigger and bigger and it's still so ADORABLE~~ LOVE those eyes!! Seriously~~
Awwwwwww...You little Darling~~
Look at you. Like it when you sleep on my lap~~
You know how to pose yourself huh. ^^
^^ I Love You Darling ^^
Hahaha..Look at the ugly lazy little fella~~
Lazy pose II
Ugly pose III
This is the last picture I can take for you.
My Little Darling.
No matter where you are right now.
I hope you do live well and happy.
I Miss You SO MUCH!!

20110112    2.30AM

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